Horse dies in first Victorian jumps race of season


RSPCA Victoria is demanding an immediate halt to jumps racing in the Australian state after the death of a horse in the first jumps race of the Victorian season.

The charity called on state premier Ted Baillieu to stop jumps racing after Jotilla’s death at Sandown yesterday.

Jotilla clipped the second-last fence and smashed his shoulder on hitting the turf. He was euthanised. A necropsy is planned.

The charity said the death of the former New Zealand racehorse was eerily similar to the death of Casa Boy at Warrnambool during the first race of the 2011 season.

“Responsibility for the death of Jotilla today falls squarely with our government,” RSPCA Victoria’s president, Dr Hugh Wirth, said.

“Not only was it the first race of the season, it was Jotilla’s first jumps race.”

Wirth continued: “It’s a complete farce that Racing Victoria Limited believes the future of jumps racing is bright because of improvements to safety.

“You’ll never make this sport safe – as we see time and again every year, with the countless deaths of horses on the jumps track.

“The Victorian Government has an opportunity to lead the way and ban a sport that is setting the animal welfare movement back decades.

“In New South Wales, jumps racing is a crime. According to Mr Baillieu’s government, it’s entertainment worth investing in. What a complete joke.

“The heart of the matter is that the death of Jotilla certainly isn’t the first death of a horse during jumps racing that we have seen, and certainly won’t be the last. It is absolutely appalling that the government sanctions this cruelty.

“I urge everyone to contact our Premier and let him know.”



3 thoughts on “Horse dies in first Victorian jumps race of season

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  • March 30, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    What is the problem with jump racing in Victoria, as there is nothing like the death rate in NZ steeplechasing or hurdles racing.

    Can the victorian trainers not train jumps horses properly?

  • April 16, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    A jumps horse has died. It is a sad occasion in any race anywhere in the world. But one must understand that these horses are looked after better than horses outside the industry. Stable-hands, trainers, riders all spend their lives ensuring these horses are living in comfort. Also, horses die on the flat too. Rewilding broke a leg under Frankie Dettori, 2 died in the one race in the Dubai Carnival. The risks are there in all forms of racing. If a rugby player is killed from a broken neck, the world is saddened but there are no calls for rugby to be banned. This is a knee jerk reaction and also the wrong one. Rather than banning the sport why not look to implement rulings that horses must have “x” amount of schooling before they can enter a jumps race. A little more sense than “ban this sport” is needed.




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