Donkey buddies Barney and Flo get a life-long home

Barney and Flo
Barney and Flo

Barney and Flo are mates, and will be staying together thanks to a charity’s decision to rehome the donkey duo.

Redwings in Britain has taken in the young donkeys to provide them with a life-long loving home.

Six-year-old Flo and three-year-old Barney have been homed at our Caldecott Visitor Centre, near Great Yarmouth, in Norfolk, which opens this weekend to the public for the summer season.

The pair’s former owner had discovered Flo in a pitiful state, suffering from pneumonia and respiratory problems on a Norfolk farm and, after she had been treated and recovered, later got Barney as a companion for Flo.

However, a change in personal circumstances meant she could no longer finance their grazing and livery costs so approached Redwings for help.

Although the charity is running at capacity, with resources and finances stretched, the exceptional circumstances and the specialised care needed for donkeys meant it was happy to offer the pair a space at the sanctuary.

Barney takes a nap on his hay net
Barney takes a nap on his hay net.

The duo brings Redwings’ resident donkey total to 46, meaning plenty of new friends await them.

Redwings chief executive Lynn Cutress said: “Donkeys need specialist care and are a real long-term commitment, as they are quite capable of reaching over 40 years old.

“Redwings’ eldest resident is a donkey named Humphrey, who is 46.

“Flo and Barney can look forward to plenty of future cuddles and care at our free-to-enter Caldecott centre.

“Unlike some of our horses and ponies, donkeys are not re-homed here at Redwings – once they are settled with us they remain here.

“Donkeys are sensitive animals, are highly sociable and thrive in a herd environment. It’s important that Barney and Flo remain together as donkeys make friends for life, but having our other donkey residents around will help their wellbeing and feeling of belonging.”

The centre’s summer opening is on Saturday.

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