Four British horse breeds critically endangered

Eriskay Pony
An Eriskay Pony.

Four British horse breeds are listed as critical in the latest update from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

The British trust considers a breed to be critical when the number of registered adult breeding female numbers fall below 300.

In the latest list, released last month, it listed the Cleveland Bay Horse, Eriskay Pony, Hackney Horse and Pony, and the Suffolk Horse in the critical category.

It formally listed the Dales Pony and Exmoor Pony as endangered – breeds with 300 to 500 registered adult breeding females.

Breeds listed as vulnerable, with 500 to 900 females, were the Clydesdale, Dartmoor Pony, and the Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A) Semi Feral.

Listed as at-risk, with 900 to 1500 breeding females, were the Fell Pony, Highland Pony and Shire Horse.

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