Kentucky Horse Council receives excellence award


The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has awarded the Kentucky Proud Partner in Excellence to the Kentucky Horse Council in recognition of its commitment to the growth and sustainability of agriculture in the state.

“Extending the Kentucky Proud program to equines has always been a Kentucky Horse Council goal,” council president Anna Zinkhon said.

“The horse industry provides a significant contribution to direct farm impact in the Commonwealth, so we were delighted to work with the Department of Agriculture to get the equine Kentucky Proud program initiated.

“We are honored by this Partner of Excellence Award and plan to continue our active involvement in with the Agriculture Department in the Kentucky Proud Program.”

The Kentucky Horse Council worked with agriculture officials to create a Kentucky Proud for Equine application that made sense to the horse industry and is manageable by the Department of Agriculture.

Any horse farm in Kentucky can apply for Kentucky Proud status, at no cost.

Additionally, if the horse farm cares for or produces Kentucky-born horses, they are eligible for matching marketing grants through the Kentucky Proud Program.

“We look forward to the growth of the Kentucky Proud program within the horse community,” council executive director Ginny Grulke said.

“This program highlights the farms and horses in Kentucky, which stimulates industry growth.  In addition, we hope follow-on programs will also encourage those who own Kentucky horses to participate actively with their horses.”

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