“Luck” kingpins open up on horse deaths


The two men behind the canned HBO racing series “Luck” have spoken of their dismay at having three horses die on the set.

Executive producers David Milch and Michael Mann described their feelings to Vulture.com in a question-and-answer format.

“It’s a sinking feeling,” Mann said of his reaction on hearing of the third horse death.

Asked whether they had considered any changes to lessen the chance of a fourth death, Mann replied: “Three horses is three too many. You felt sort of the resounding sense of, you know, ‘This can’t work’. It’s like trying to negotiate with gravity. Because of the media attention as well as the fact of it, it just becomes an impossibility.”

Milch said: “There was absolutely nothing that we thought of doing differently in the aftermath of that third incident.”

The pair said claims by Peta that the animals were too unhealthy and too old to be used in the production were untrue, saying slow and sturdy animals were picked for filming.

The full interview can be read here.




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