Trust kicks off scheme to help horse owners


The Irish Horse Welfare Trust has started a programme in North County Dublin to work with local horse owners in the care of their animals.

The initial welfare programme kicked off with a hay programme.

The hay was donated by a farmer in the Dunshaughlin area.

The trust reports that horse owners have been co-operative and welcomed the help.

It said it was able to treat all the horses on site for worms and lice, and it has set up a programme to monitor this on an on-going basis.

With the co-operation of the owners, the trust took in two equines that were surrendered to it, as it was realised by the current owners that the horses needed a higher level of care than they could give.

The trust is co-ordinating with local horse owners to form a club with a long-term view of securing a site that is suitable for the horses and owners.

It said horse owners were keen to see the goal achieved and are actively doing their best to move towards securing a permanent and appropriate site.

Meanwhile, the trust said it had nearly 60 equines in its care and funding was down this year.

It said it was hoping to raise €5000 in a funding drive.

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