Laminitis Trust to benefit from feed sales


British feed company Spillers is donating 20p from every bag of its Happy Hoof feed sold over the next two months to The Laminitis Trust.

“Laminitis is a serious condition that can cause real heart ache for an owner,” said Clare Barfoot RNutr, the research and development manager at Spillers.

“Although research has advanced our knowledge of it, many aspects continue to elude us. Further research is needed, especially to understand why some horses and ponies are more susceptible than others if we are to reduce occurrences of the condition in the future.”

What is already known is that diet-related laminitis is the easiest to manage. Low starch, high fibre feeds have been identified as the safest choice for those who are prone to laminitis. It is also important to restrict access to grass and to provide regular exercise.

The Laminitis Trust, founded in 1998, is the only registered charity dedicated to supporting research into equine laminitis. For every bag of Spillers Happy Hoof sold during April and May this year Spillers will be donating 20p to help support The Trust’s important work.

“In this way not only will you be helping to keep your horse or pony safe but you will also be helping to provide crucial support for others in the future,” Barfoot said.


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