New name for Gaited Morgan group

A gaited Morgan horse
A gaited Morgan horse. © Gaited Morgan Horse Organization

The Morgan Single-Footing Horse Association (MSFHA) has officially changed its name to the Gaited Morgan Horse Organization.

The organisation is retaining the MSFHA brand, but said the nomenclature of single-foot often required an explanation, whereas gaited is more often understood to mean an intermediate easy gait that is not a trot. The name change serves to simplify the description and tie the club to its website address.

The MSFHA was founded in 1996 by a group of owners and admirers who were experiencing the single-foot gaits some of their Morgan horses were doing, and decided to form a club.

The Gaited Morgan Horse Organization consists of membership elected officers and a full board of advisors. The Gaited Morgan Horse Organization serves AMHA members through education about gait, how to tell if you’ve “got one,” how to enjoy riding and ownership, or how to market your gaited Morgan to the strong gaited Trail Horse Market. Membership is $20 per year.

More information: or contact club president, Jim Suddarth, at (573) 286-3763.

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