How do I fix a hoof split?


Q: I’m looking for some information for my filly who has a problem at an early stage on her hoof.

She is a yearling filly miniature horse. Her hoof on the off fore has a split and may have a hole on it.

What is the best treatment for her before it turns into a serious hoof injury?

Alesha, Waikato, NZ


A: Hi Alesha

The crack on your horse’s hoof appears to be due to trauma to the hoof at some point. These horizontal type cracks often appear at the coronary band at the top of the hoof after an infection has blown out, or on the hoof wall after getting a knock or some kind of trauma to the area.

The good news is that the crack will continue to grow out over time – likely the next two to three trims, and should not give you any more trouble. The only concern I might have is if the area has developed any white line disease. This is treatable and should be relatively easy to remedy should it be found. Your farrier should be able to determine if white line disease is present and help you with treatment.

Regular trimming will ensure that the cracked portion of hoof grows out without causing more damage, and your young horse should be OK from then on.


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