Event rider fitness focus of study

Nicola Wilson and Bee Diplomatic at Badminton. © Mike Bain

Researchers exploring fitness levels of female eventers are seeking riders from novice to advanced level for a study.

Researchers will investigate physical fitness in female horse trials riders at the Institute of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Worcester, in collaboration with Coventry University, under the direction of Professor Derek M Peters.

The team is looking for female event riders aged 18 or above competing at Novice, Intermediate or Advanced level in One-Day Eventing. Places are limited to 20 riders in each category.

Riders interested in taking part will be asked to undertake a fitness test at the University of Worcester to assess aerobic fitness, core stability, lower and upper body strength, balance and reaction time.

The testing will be done by Jenni-Louise Douglas as part of her Ph.D. research programme. Those taking part will receive a detailed physical fitness report.

The results of the study will help identify if differences in physical fitness exist between the different levels of competitor.

“We may then be able to identify which specific elements of physical fitness are most associated with higher levels of performance and we can use this information to create more effective sport-specific strength and conditioning training programmes for event riders in the future,” the researchers said.




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