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Q: My 7-year-old Morgan gelding has just been diagnosed with mild/moderate COPD. Will treat initially with inhaler & flovent & ventolin, as well as making recommended environmental changes such as wetting hay, but would like not to have to rely on drugs long term.
What do you recommend supplement-wise?

He is cresty-necked, tending toward fat (no oral steroids), so gets no grain besides a cup of “super supplement.” Two years ago had bad hives and responded well to NutraFlax & Vitamin C. Am not giving him any supplement right now.

Karen, Oregon, US


A: Hi Karen, I’m in agreement with you about using drugs for long term use – it is much better to allow the horse to heal on his own.

I would definitely go back to giving him Nutra Flax and Vitamin C. The Omega 3s in Nutra Flax will reduce inflammation, and will also regulate his immune function (since his issue sounds allergy related based on his hives history). Plus, the omega 3s lower circulating insulin levels, which will help with his cresty neck (fat deposits).

Vitamin C is a natural antihistimine, so is very useful here, as well. Give him 10,000 mg per day (build up slowly, taking a week to get up this level).

In addition, I would recommend Spirulina – 2 grams per 100 lbs of body weight. Springtime, Inc. has spirulina wafers that are excellent. Spirulina has been shown to be very helpful with respiratory problems.

I would try these three things for a few months. The next step would be a product called Hemo Cease that is an herbal preparation and I have had good results with it.

Finally, you mentioned that he has a cresty neck. If you’re not already giving him extra magnesium and chromium, I recommend doing so. Consider Quiessence to help lower circulating insulin levels further.

Juliet M Getty

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