Southern Arkansas Rodeo Horse Theft Case

Credit Card
Credit Card

Articles on “the Arkansas Five” from early 2012 and 2011.




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3.2.12: Trial over Arkansas five set for late July

18.1.12: Man sought for questioning over Arkansas five

9.1.12: Packed courtroom expected over Arkansas Five

21.12.11: Jacie Rae Jackson accused of arson

14.12.11: Jackson to face Oklahoma court over horse-theft case

10.12.11: Jackson extradition hearing set for Monday

9.12.11: Jaci Jackson in court over Arkansas five

8.12.11: Two further arrests in Arkansas horse theft probe

7.12.11: Jackson allegedly watched killing of Credit Card

6.12.11: Credit Card was shot and had throat cut – affidavit

Student arrested over theft of horses

2.12.11: Scholarship fund launched as Credit Card laid to rest

30.11.11: The mystery of the Arkansas five

29.11.11: Multiple leads in probe into theft of university horses

26.11.11: Remains of Credit Card found in Oklahoma

17.11.11: Four horses found, but where is Credit Card?

16.11.11: Agencies hunt five rodeo horses stolen from university

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