Parasite control barbecue a hit

Performing a fecal egg count.

A Wisconsin veterinary practice has declared its barbecue and fecal egg-testing party for horse owners a success.

Veterinarian Kevin Nelson, of Union Grove, said the gathering was the most well-attended educational and social event Bristol Veterinary Services had ever sponsored.

“We wanted to talk with horse owners about old deworming versus new deworming strategies and thought having an event, with fecal egg testing right on site, was a creative way to boost attendance,” Nelson said.

“It worked. We had more horse owners there than at any other educational event we had held in the past. What that told us is horse owners are interested in and receptive to changing their deworming strategies.”

The original concept of rotating equine deworming products as a way to reduce the development of resistance was created more than four decades ago.

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