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Riding and safety article archive.
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Safety with horses

Eventing in crisis?

Riding risks on par with car racing

Those are the breaks – how to lead a horse properly

Horse safety during Fireworks season

Riding injuries in New Zealand


Horse floats and trailering

Simple steps to horse-float loading

Horse trailer maintenance will reap rewards

The trouble with towing – and how to stay out of it

The horse lover’s guide to trouble-free towing

Towing your horse – have you got it right?

Basic Float Training

Loading the scared horse


Trainer Profiles

Don’t expect ‘nice’ from Ken Dromgool

Monty Roberts: the man who listens to people, too

Pat Parelli a hit on NZ visit

A day with Monty Roberts

Frank Levinson – Following the way of the horse

Obituary – Lockie Richards

Ron and Val Males visit NZ

Profile: Sharon McFarlane – An equestrian character


On Riding

Stretching for horse riders

Aids and Cues – do you know what you’re doing?

Endurance riding in Australia

Creating a Thinking Rider

So you want to learn how to play polo?

About Centred Riding

Where are the coaches? – opinion

Competition scents for the rider


Training with Jane Savoie:

Are you sawing your horse’s mouth?

Four tips to improve leg yields

Conquer show nerves – tips to help you relax at competitions

Learn to ride with soft hands

Riding the spooky horse


Dressage Corner with Bill Noble:

Dressage training in New Zealand – the way forward

From Novice to Grand Prix: Can one horse excel at all levels?

Coaches, training and developing equine talent


Equestrian travel

Wilderness adventures: Holidaying with your own horse

My kingdom for a horse – in France! Riding through ancient Languedoc

A relief ride through India


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