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Research needed to better understand navicular disease

Laminitis: what new research is telling us

New treatments for navicular disease near

A solution for splints

New method for treating tendon damage

New screw for pastern implants

Stem cell therapy targets cartilage defects

Stem cells could help knee, stifle injuries

Azoturia or “tying-up”

Hints on hoof cracks

Dr Wayne McIlwraith on US research into joint issues

The Flex Test

My Horse has arthritis!

Farriers and barefoot

Brent Jury explains the farrier’s work

“Why your horse should go barefoot”

Correct shoeing for vets and owners

Lameness treatmentsTreatments

Blood test could hold key to preventing major injuries

Injury research brings together horses and athletes

Shock-wave therapy machine brings new treatment option

Power pads a boon to sore horses

Magnetic therapy for horses

Nerving: A farrier’s viewpoint

New ideas for tendon treatment

Latest research and information from the horse world.

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