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Equine health article archive.

Equine health archive

» Working out the weight of your horse



Diet, exercise supreme in controlling insulin resistance

The secret behind that lathery horse sweat!

Guide to dehydration and electrolyte use in horses

How to keep your horse cool

Diseases / Viruses

Hendra horrors: what does the future hold?

Equine Herpesvirus Q&A

Germ warfare on the home front

West Nile virus

Does NZ need a GM horse vaccine?

Hendra virus Q and A

Reducing equine disease transmission – hand hygiene study

Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM)

African Horse Sickness — what is it?

EPM: Learn to recognize the symptoms

Strangles: Young horses more at risk


ELM: Equine leukoencephalomalacia

Equine Herpes Virus (EHV)

Horses and Foot and Mouth disease

Foot and Mouth – advice for horse owners

Equine influenza:

Influenza in horses and humans: the perils of viral marketing

Ten things New Zealand can learn from Australia’s equine flu outbreak


HERDA – Hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia

HYPP – Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis


Immunisation gives long-term tetanus protection


Researchers reveal fresh colic findings

Donkey colic study reveals risk factors

Wounds & Injuries

NZ manuka honey shown to speed healing of horse wounds

Treating old scar tissue in horses

Treating eye injuries in horses

The Accident: to treat and spell or to spell and treat?

Bill’s diary: illustrated story on recovering from injury


Laminitis: what new research is telling us

Founder and laminitis

Joints and movement

New method for treating tendon damage

New screw for pastern implants

Stem cell therapy targets cartilage defects

Dr Wayne McIlwraith on US research into joint issues

New ideas for tendon treatment

The Flex Test

A solution for splints


Research needed to better understand navicular disease

Brent Jury explains the farrier’s work

“Why your horse should go barefoot”

Hints on Hoof Cracks

Correct shoeing for vets and owners

Navicular disease in horses


Recognising and preventing nitrate poisoning in horses

Know your horse’s vital signs

New procedure to correct equine heart rhythm problem

Breakthrough in ultrasound technique for horses

Tramadol: Common human painkiller may be effective for horses

Stabling a sick horse

Thermography speeds up diagnosis

The ‘Bute’ Debate and Herbal Alternatives

Nerving: A farrier’s viewpoint


Oral endoscopes reveal more teeth defects

Azoturia or “tying-up”

Common anti-viral drug effective against sarcoids – study

Horse researcher finds parallels with human conditions

Diet, exercise supreme in controlling insulin resistance

Cure closer for sweet itch in horses

Aussie shrub extract shows promise against mud rash

Crib-biting could be hereditary trait

Sweet Itch: researchers closer to beating ailment

Stress explored as factor in stomach ulcers

Link between cribbing and tummy upsets

The science of soaking hay

Gastric ulceration common in NZ racehorses

Gastric ulcers: reducing the risk

Chronic cough without fever in horses

Head shaking in horses


Warning of multi-drug resistant redworms in horses

Taking the fight to equine parasites

Parasite control series

Bot infection in horses

Drug resistance of equine internal parasites

Parasite control

Vaccination alert


Massage and muscle therapy

Why is massage therapy important for your horse?


Herbal horse health Q&A

Allergies & Blood Cleansing

New ideas for tendon treatment

My Horse has Arthritis!

Coping with EIPH or Exercise Induced Pulmonary Haemorrhage (Bleeders)

Dealing with Dull Coats

Herbs for Endurance Horses

Nerve tonics

Alternative therapies/treatments:

All About Reiki

Stem cells could help knee, stifle injuries

Benefits of equine Breathing for Endurance Horses

Healing chronic conditions with Equine Breathing

Herbs for Endurance Horses

Shock-wave therapy machine brings new treatment option

Endosurgery will make healthcare easier

Aromatherapy for your horse

Holistic medicine: are we listening?

What is Emu Oil?

Alternative therapy in equine medicine

Power pads a boon to sore horses

Magnetic therapy for horses



Urine Factories and the Menopause Horse Industry

Skull fractures in horses

Horse health research projects get $US1.1m grant

Do you need horse insurance?

GPS tracks racehorse fitness

Just what’s in those menopause pills? – a look at Premarin

Equine Health Association update

Important equine hormone developed

Information on EVA in NZ

Hypodermic Needle Damage

Special conditions for competition horses in MAF import review

DNA registry for horses?

Horse disease could help AIDS

Ag ministry releases horse standards

Killer virus could cause human depression

Scientists to trap mosquitoes

Researchers to study nutrition, stress


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