Horsetalk is back!


Horsetalk swung back into operation this morning after this week’s devastating earthquake that tore apart the heart of nearby Christchurch City.

Horsetalk is based about 40 kilometres from the centre of the 6.3-magnitude earthquake, which struck shortly before 1pm on Tuesday.

We withstood a mighty shake and appear to have escaped without damage.

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The Christchurch Cathedral in ruins. The Press building is at top left.
The Christchurch Cathedral in ruins. The Press building is at top left. Photo: Royal NZ Air Force/Crown copyright

Our server is based in the United States, so was unaffected.

However, our wireless internet service relies on crucial infrastructure based in the city, many parts of which were without power and had to be evacuated.

Using a dialup modem, our webmaster managed to get a brief message on to the website indicating we were having a few problems.

Late yesterday, at the end of a long day, we found ourselves back online.

The internet may live in “cyberspace”, but in the “real world”, every facet of its operation needs some stable real estate, hardware, and electricity to keep running.

Our region has been badly hit, as the images flashed around the world show.

We withstood a 7.1-magnitude earthquake centred about 40 kilometres from the city on September 4 last year, with no loss of life.

However, this quake was shallower and virtually right on the city’s edge.

We have sadly suffered significant loss of life as buildings, some of which have stood for 100 years, finally succumbed. Worryingly, several modern buildings have also fallen, and it is here where the greatest loss of life is feared.

The country has declared a national state of emergency as the urgent search for survivors amid the rubble continues, and the massive job of repairing the region’s infrastructure begins.

Many of the city’s iconic historic buildings lie in ruins. A new central city will rise from the devastation, but it will not look like the city that once stood. We must view that as an opportunity, and acknowledge that we must move forward.

To all those who sent us messages of concern, please accept our warmest thanks.

For now, our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones, or who are awaiting news as searchers pick through the rubble.

Make no mistake. New Zealanders are a resilient lot. When the going gets tough, Kiwis will stand alongside one another. No-one will be left without a roof over their head or food in their bellies. That is part of who we are. It is a strength that will remain unshaken, even by the mightiest of quakes.

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