Let’s start digging for The Carrot!


I was at a four-star dressage event recently, watched by thousands, when the restless crowd was moved to action.

Apparently bored by a lacklustre display of “equine ballet”, what began as little more than a muffled few words soon grew in volume.

Within a few seconds, it was a full-blown chant, soon to be accompanied by a Mexican wave.

“Bring back The Carrot … Bring back The Carrot … Bring back The Carrot”.

Princess Haya called for order, but the crowd could not be controlled.

Laura B was spurring the masses on, encouraging them to chant louder.

It took an hour to restore order and resume action in the arena.

The message was clear enough. The equestrian world has spoken.

It is a poorer place without the regular utterances of our vegetative friend.

What has become of The Carrot?

We haven’t heard a word since October!

Theories and rumours abound.

Felicity is able to immediately dismiss the suggestion that he or she is now a spin doctor for Princess Haya.

Another rumour is that The Carrot is working on an investigative piece that will blow the lid off a major equine issue, but I only just came up with that possibility so we can’t give it too much credence at this stage.

Perhaps The Carrot won a Euro Millions lottery and has retired to Spain with his/her favourite horse, Incognito.

Perhaps The Carrot is trying to cut a profile along the lines of J.D. Salinger … The Carrot in the Rye.

Or maybe the World Equestrian Games proved too compelling for The Carrot, who retreated to a quieter life in the vegetable patch.

Any theories or information on The Carrot’s fate would be very welcome.

Meantime, it occurs to me we should email the legendary blogger for the good oil.

Rest assured if The Carrot is out there – and we’re sure he or she is – Felicity will let you know what transpires.


Felicity Foxhunter

If you have something juicy or concerning to share, do drop me a line - felicity.foxhunter@gmail.com. Never fear, your secrets are safe with me.

One thought on “Let’s start digging for The Carrot!

  • January 20, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    Felicity, I wish you all the best in your endeavour to find our vegitive friend. He/she/it is not my alter ego as many believe and I am also missing its succinct observations. My personal opinion is that the Carrot was dug up by Team Harmony’s henchmen and threatened with becoming a cake if it did not retreat back from which ever patch it had originated.
    Of course i will wait with baited breath to hear any news you discover
    x L


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