Video: Cuoco describes bone-crunching horse accident


Kaley Cuoco, star of The Big Bang Theory has described the horror injury to her ankle suffered in a horse accident.

The two metal bars in Kaley Cuoco's leg.
The two metal bars in Kaley Cuoco’s leg.

Cuoco, appearing in a pink cast on the talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, said she was told before emergency surgery that she might lose her foot.

She said she initially hoped the crunching she heard when her long-time horse – “the love of my life” – jumped on her ankle was crunching leaves. It was her bones.

“I had a freak accident,” she told DeGeneres.

“It was the end of my lesson. I had been jumping all day … at the end of the lesson my horse spooked and I wasn’t really expecting it and I fell off.

“I was laughing and my trainer was laughing. It was all very silly.

“I was actually getting up but my horse was still kind of spooking. He was in the corner trying to get away from me. He leaped over me and landed on my leg.”

Cuoco said she looked down and her foot was facing her, describing it as the “Exorcist of my foot”.

She was taken to hospital, where she was told she required emergency surgery and one possibility was that she would lose her foot.

Cuoco hops onto the Ellen show
Cuoco hops onto the Ellen show. Cuoco during her stay in hospital. Cuoco during her stay in hospital.

“I’m hysterical and the doctor comes in, and says, ‘OK, gotta go over your options; one … is amputation.’ All I’m thinking is, ‘I’m gonna have to call work and tell them I only have one foot.’

“He really was telling me that they were thinking there was infection. [I thought] my foot was gonna be gone. They had to tell me because I was going into emergency surgery, that I might be coming out with one foot.”

She spent two weeks in hospital in a stay which included two surgeries, which included the fitting of two metal bars to stabilise the joint.

“For the rest of my life I’ll be setting off metal detectors.”

She told DeGeneres she was keen to return to riding.

“If I could get this [cast] through my saddle, I would be on right now. It was just a freak thing so I can’t wait to get back out there.”

She revealed that the producers of “The Big Bang Theory” would not be writing the cast into the script. She would instead take on a new job as a bartender and they would film her mainly from the waist up.

Cuoco’s accident occurred mid-September.

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