Horse killed in US cross-country accident


Three-star eventing horse Extravagance was euthanised after fracturing a hind leg at the Poplar Place CIC*** three-day-event in Georgia last Saturday.

Ridden by Hilda Donahue, the horse jumped through the main Poplar water complex and landed off the final element injured.

The 17hh gelding reportedly broke a hind leg above the hock.

Donahue was not injured in the accident.

Extravagance was a 14-year-old Australian-bred thoroughbred. He was ridden early in his career by Australian Olympian Shane Rose, with Sam Lyle taking up the ride in the 2005-06 season. US-based rider Imtiaz Anees — the first Indian rider to complete an Olympic three-day-event — rode Extravagance through the 2007-08 season, before Donahue began competing the horse in April 2009.

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