New stables for homeless people


Pesky homeless people cluttering up the parks around the World Equestrian Games venue in Lexington, Kentucky, are going to be moved for the duration of the event.

Phoenix Park is the most popular place for the homeless to sleep, particularly during winter, but they’re getting a short, sharp, shrift, because the Official Food and Beverage suppliers intend to peddle their wares there during the Spotlight Lexington festival. There will be live entertainment, and the homeless folks aren’t going to be part of the show.

The Games start on Saturday, September 25, and two temporary shelters are opening on Wednesday, September 22. The Games end on October 10, and the shelters close then, too.

Felicity can see it now. Officials in their Official Luxury Automobiles (Land Rover), covered in Official Disinfectant (Anivac), tempting the homeless into the new shelters with, perhaps, Official Bourbon (Maker’s Mark).

But as Lexington Police spokeswoman Sherelle Roberts says, homeless people won’t be rounded up and arrested or harassed by police during the Games, and parks are public places. “People are allowed there. The homeless will not be treated any differently during Spotlight Lexington.”

Levity aside, yet another thing WEG has brought to light in Lexington is the need for “something to be done” about the homeless, according to Jessica Geis, vice president of Downtown Lexington Corporation, a city promotion group.

That’s a good thing, and yet another legacy for WEG in North America, albeit a local legacy.

Felicity wonders just how many of these homeless people – said to be up to 130 individuals – were once part of the equestrian or racing jet set.

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3 thoughts on “New stables for homeless people

  • September 22, 2010 at 5:01 am

    I read this news with a cynical eye, too, but it is worth noting that the park in question isn’t actually anywhere near the Horse Park where the competition is taking place. It’s the city, not Alltech or the WEG foundation, attempting to clear out Phoenix Park during the downtown festivities taking place alongside the WEG.

    And really, they could just as easily stick all those food vendors where the homeless usually hang out without giving them an alternative place to go. So yes, the mayor’s office is doing this in an attempt to make the city seem like Disneyland for a few weeks, but the effect is that the people who usually sleep in the park will get better accommodations during that time. It’s still a benefit even if the motive is self-serving.

  • September 27, 2010 at 5:10 am

    I lived in Lexington, it’s a beautiful city. Phoenix Park is not near the horse park, but has been a problem as a “homeless hangout” for a number of years. Maybe the attention from the games will influence the city to come up with a long term plan in addressing the homeless issue and kindly helping that population.

  • October 31, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    We really do need to do something about this. Humans are the most destructive species to ever be introduced to the North American continent. Perhaps PZP could be injected, to stop the runaway population increase in this highly invasive species!


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