A beating under the carpet


Felicity FoxhunterHello possums, yes, it’s true, I’ve been caught napping on my reporting of deep-seated conspiracies and cover-ups in the equestrian world by my ginga buddy The Carrot.

I refer, of course, to the dreadful case of horse walloping earlier this year, which I brought to your attention way back in April.

In brief: top rider gives his horse a thrashing at a WEG qualifier show in February. The Ground Jury was apparently on a coffee-break at the time, and nothing was heard about the ‘situation’ until a video went viral on the good old interweb.

Oh dear. Both the US Equestrian Federation and the FEI scurried to belated action, saying they would “look into it“.

That’s apparently official-speak for “let’s sweep it under the carpet”. And so it was. The decision on the abuse case was quietly appended to a bunch of other hearing decisions and slipped onto the USEF’s website, where it quietly sat with no fanfare, but still the story battled to get out. And despite New Zealand being at approximately the sphincter of the equestrian world, my dear employer Horsetalk.co.nz had the first news story on the decision.

So quite a roundabout journey for this story … Felicity wonders why this one was hidden so well, and how come the FEI has been quiet on it?

Is electioneering more important?

Felicity Foxhunter

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