The problem with Boy Erasers

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Closer … just a little closer … and Geldoff will leave a gift!

Geldoff lives with his companions on a property along a gravel road in rolling hill country.

It’s a lovely spot with nice views and has a great rural feel.

It’s only a few minutes from a reasonably substantial town and, in recent years, the townies have made increasing use of our paradise.

The rolling terrain, reasonably quiet roads and wide grass verges have made it a rural playground for many.

Every day, I look up from my grazing to see walkers, joggers, mountain bikers and riders enjoying our little slice of heaven.

They’re all very welcome, in Geldoff’s view. It all adds to the rich tapestry of equine life.

However, there is one user of these roads that really rips my underpants – well, they would if I wore any!

I said to Feed Woman the other day, “Who are these young turkeys who rally-drive along our gravel road?”

“They’re called Boy Racers, Geldoff,” she replied.

“Well, I’m going to call them Boy Erasers, because if they end up going off the road on our corner and down the gully, they’re going to rub themselves out!”, I said.

Geldoff was young once. He was a bit of a rebel and showed off to the fillies – all that kind of stuff.

I see the Government is intending to lift the driving age and have zero tolerance to alcohol in under-20s. Those measures may or may not help.

But do you know what old Geldoff reckons the real problem is?

They don’t have enough respect for their license. If they had to work much harder to get it – and that’s certainly the case in European countries – they would treat the privilege of driving with a great deal more respect.

As it is, they speed and fishtail past my paddock with their noisy exhausts to get their cheap thrills.

Everyone else gets to eat their dust and listen to their racket.

If I had my way, I’d poop on their bonnets.


7 thoughts on “The problem with Boy Erasers

  • March 8, 2010 at 4:10 pm

    Lets hope they do something to make these kids more respectful but until there is driver trining and restrictions put into place to stop them from driving cars that are too powerful and fast nothing will change.It shouldn’t be a right to have a drivers licensce it should be something you have to train for. My partner and I are into cars and have joined a couple of car clubs but the most minority of idiots out there give us all a bad name.We have days where you can take your car to a race track and go for ahoon, there other times where the club gets roads closed and again you are able to race your car if you want it isn’t done on public roads open to the public it is carefully control and organised.It’s a shame that there are some out there that believe it is their right to be idiots and make others suffer

  • March 22, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    last year I wrote a letter to my local paper trying to explain to drivers how accidents involving horses on the road could happen and to request that horse riders be shown some consideration on our roads.

    If you ride on a main highway you expect heavy traffic. If you are riding on a country road, you hope that drivers will be respectful and slow down when they pass you. I am surprised by the number of drivers who continue at the same speed, failing to give room, spray gravel everywhere, not for a moment thinking a horse could spook and jump out in front of them.

    I would like to see a TV advert ( similar to that for cyclists) just to raise awareness of how to behave around horses on the road. Actually, advertising tollerant driving in general would be good.

  • March 26, 2010 at 9:42 am

    “Lets hope they do something to make these kids more respectful but until there is driver training and restrictions put into place to stop them from driving cars that are too powerful and fast nothing will change.””

    Who is “they”? And where are these youngsters getting these cars? Young people have always been irresponsible. Are parents no longer willing to put restrictions on their children? Had my dad ever found me driving so recklessly, you can bet my car keys would have been taken away for a time! I driving safety course would have been the next step.

  • April 29, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    yes there should be adverts educating the public god knows most effing parents dont anymore unfortunately most dont get to learn “horse sense”

    pony club should start the initiative far more styringly and government and council should appreciate the economy horses bring enzed its one of the reasons people come to the country to appreciate the thoroughbred industry for instance
    safety around horses should a be a council and government issue that everybody knows about like england

  • May 15, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    I think the problem stems from the removal of stock on the roads. Driving through herds of cattle and mobs of sheep on the road used to teach drivers to respect them, However, in an effore to be more PC (heaven forbid someone gets animal poos on their car!), we have allwed drivers to believe they have the right of way, and that stock, including horses, no longer have a place on the road.

    I have found, however, that wearing a brightly coloured “yoohoo-can-you-see-me” garment of clothing, and halting as cars approach generally makes traffic slow down.

    The most frightening incident I’ve had to date is the (fill-in this space) driver who didn’t just drive past my carriage and pony, but actually sped up and buzzed us! (Yip – drove closer by crossing the centre line). What an idiot! Thankfully the pony has more sense!

  • May 25, 2010 at 9:38 am

    OMG..T live in the most beautiful place in So Ca. I have to deal with this every day. Its not just the boys but full grown men who want to race there muscle cars ride there crotch rockets. Zoooming down the roads of our rural home land. Last week one of them almost killed a guy riding down the road minding his own. Then he crashed. No i am sorry .No lesson learned he’s back at it today. My pasture horses are in great danger by these Jerks. I am as well. Fences have been crashed into horses have been spooked and hurt, Its only a matter of time days, hrs. b4 somone dies. So frustrating

  • July 23, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    Maybe it’s the place, but I have found that the usual stereotypes don’t apply when I have been road riding. Young boys in fast cars have been very courteous when I road ride, as have the vast majority of others. Little old ladies do always stick to type – and stop or crawl past with a smile and a wave. Ordinary motorbikes, even noisy apparently ‘dodgy’ looking ones are often very considerate – often going to the point of putting themselves in more danger by crossing the centreline to give you space.

    Cyclists can be a bit snobby, and not realise that horses seem them as ‘sneaky’ as they whizz past, but a smile, wave and ‘hello’ tends to jog then back to reality (per’aps they are pretending they are in the pyranees with the Tour d’France)

    The ones to watch out for – midlife crisis guys in European or customised cars, or trailbikes!


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