Express Eventing organisers saddened at death of Call Again Cavalier


The death of Mary King’s Olympic horse Call Again Cavalier at the Express Eventing competition in Wales at the weekend has left eventing fans distraught.

Discussion forums around the internet are abuzz about the incident, where Call Again Cavalier fell at fence 12B and broke a femur. The 16-year-old son of Cavalier Royale had to be put down.

Stuart Buntine, from Express Eventing, said: “This is extremely sad. Our thoughts are with Mary King and Call Again Cavalier’s owners, Mr and Mrs Davies and Mrs Chin.

“Our thanks go to the veterinary team, headed by John Killingbeck, for their efficient and expert handling of this incident.”

Mary King is devastated by the loss, and told British Eventing afterward: “Our world stopped on Sunday and we were devastated to lose such a good friend. I was overwhelmed by all the cheers of support that reverberated around the Millennium Stadium when Cavvy cantered in and I would like to thank all the spectators for their support. He was a showman and really appreciated applause. What happened was a tragic accident and his loss has left a huge hole in all our hearts. He was a horse in a million and one we shall never forget.

“Cavvy was a real gentleman and perfect in every way. So athletic in his jumping and very brave. Jumping was his favourite. He was the perfect little horse — not very big, but a power pack of a horse with a big, rounded bottom and a lovely crested neck,” King said.

“He was lovely to work with at home; I was honoured to have him in my yard and I was so proud to be his rider. I couldn’t believe it when I was offered the ride four years ago, and tributes for all the hard work must go to Vicky Brake who produced such a fantastic horse and of course to the wonderfully talented Caroline Pratt.

“Everyone who worked with him quite simply adored him. The girls who looked after him; Jodie, Bernie and Hannah will miss him terribly.

“His owners Eddie, Sue and Janette, always took him home for a break in the holidays and were so proud of him and what he had achieved in his eventing career,” King said.

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