Young rider’s death accidental, inquest rules


An inquest into the death of a 12-year-old girl in an indoor cross-country fall in January has been ruled as accidental.

Shannon Bloomfield was injured when her pony clipped a fence and somersaulted, landing on top of her. The pony also kicked her in the head as it scrambled to its feet. Shannon died in hospital a short time later. She had suffered fractured ribs, internal and external bruising to both lungs and a fractured skull.

Shannon was competing in a 2’9″ open novice class at the Milton Keynes Equestrian Centre on January 27. The competition was over solid jumps.

The accident was investigated by British Horse Society inspector Robert Weatherby the following day. He said he was satisfied with the lighting and condition of the course.

Shannon had won the previous class at Milton Keynes, and was described as an excellent rider.

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