Two horses die on Badminton Horse Trials cross-country day


The cross-country phase of the Badminton Horse Trials was marred by the death of two horses; neither related to a cross-country jump.

After completing his round Andrew Downes’s Skwal died of a suspected heart attack.

And Jean-Lou Bigot’s Icare D’Auzay suffered an arterial injury when he was speared by a flag as he ran out at the Vicarage Vee.

Despite emergency treatment on course and after being transported to a local veterinary centre, he could not be saved.

Contrary to anxiety before the cross-country about the ground, the great effort put in by the Badminton management produced an excellent track. Of the 56 cross-country starters, 43 completed and 33 of those went clear, 18 within the time.

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