"Much more than just another horse story, it will appeal to anyone of any age who likes a well-written suspense thriller. A thoroughly enjoyable read."

- Mark Todd

by Lindy Kelly. Softcover, 288pp, RRP $36.99. HarperCollins. Buy in NZ

March 5, 2009

Kiwi-based equestrian fiction does not come often to local readers, and it's even rarer that it is aimed at the grown-ups.

Set in the New Zealand eventing scene - Marlborough, to be exact - this is an excellent read for the horsey set but easily readable for the non equine-oriented.

The story takes us from a busy hospital in the city to an eventing yard that appears to be doing well but we discover it is a financial disaster. T

he owner is lying comatose in the hospital after what appears to be a fall, and the circumstances seem suspicious.

Enter Dr Caitlin Summerfield, estranged daughter of the owner. Despite her chequered history with her mother, she takes up the reins - and gets back in the saddle - to keep the operation going.

As Caitlin works to discover who is behind the death of a fellow horseman, and who is behind the many freak accidents she seems to be having, she finds herself in a race against time. The yard has to stay afloat and stay in the running for a lucrative overseas contract. And she needs to stay alive.

Bold Blood mixes mystery and danger, ambition, dodgy characters, and crime, with a bit of romance to boot. In other words, it's quite a bit like eventing in real life.

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