American wild horse documentary out on DVD

July 23, 2011

An award-winning documentary on America's wild horses is now available on DVD.

Director Mara LeGrand said "Wild Horses in Winds of Change" is also now available for private and public screenings.

It is described as a soulful portrayal of America's wild horses facing extinction, in turns heart breaking and heart warming, and it challenges belief systems the average viewer may hold.

LeGrand believes a new paradigm for managing all wildlife, including mustangs, can be developed - "if people are willing to adjust that old-guard way of thinking and not give in to despair along the journey".

"It's as much about ecological issues we need to solve, as it is about the plight of our wild horses and our attitude of dominion over nature," she says.

The documentary calls on people to be guardians of the natural world.

Photographer Tony Stromberg says: "The film artfully portrays the broken spirit in the eyes of the wild horses, but also reflects a broken spirit in ourselves that truly needs healing. As we help our wild brethren, we are also helping ourselves."