Slideshow, video of horse rescue released

December 20, 2010

A slideshow and video have been released by the Humane Society of the United States following the rescue of 43 horses from a property in Lindale, Texas.

A survivor of the Lindale rescue.
The society worked with the SPCA of East Texas and the Humane Society of North Texas in the rescue, after the Smith County District Attorney's Office served a seizure warrant on the owner of the animals.

HSUS chief executive Wayne Pacelle said: "We were too late for some of the animals there, I am sorry to report.

"This was our 58th emergency deployment of the year - more than one major rescue or emergency response every week - and we are so grateful to you for enabling this vital work."

Rescuers on the 70-acre property found mostly quarter horse-types. The group also included several yearlings and pregnant mares.

Many of the horses were emaciated and suffering from a variety of medical ailments, including overgrown hooves and parasite infestation.