Temporary seating work begins for World Games

June 23, 2010

Installation of temporary seating and other structures is under way at the Kentucky Horse Park grounds, with just 94 days until the 2010 World Equestrian Games.

Trucks carrying temporary seating and other structures have arrived at the grounds and materials are being unloaded as the work begins in earnest.

"These guys will probably be here until September," said Sean Doane, venue manager for the World Games 2010 Foundation.

Workers will begin erecting temporary seating today, beginning with Stands A and C, which line the left and right sides of the outdoor stadium.

Both stands are expected take 12-13 days each to complete.

Stand B, the other temporary seating structure at the outdoor stadium, will run along the back of the stadium but cannot be built until late July because of other events at the horse park. This is the largest of the three stands and will take about 20 days to complete.

"The Kentucky Horse Park hosts many events throughout the summer, and we are doing our best not to disturb their annual schedule for as long as we can," Doane explains.

In addition to temporary seating, temporary structures, such as office trailers, are also arriving at the park.

Excavators are working to flatten land so these structures can be placed.

Later, exhibit tents for the equine village will be placed, and in August, work accelerates, with media, hospitality and trade-show structures going up, along with the completion of two completely temporary competition venues.