Escaped horse ends up in swimming pool

March 16, 2010

A horse who escaped from its stable and fell into a swimming managed to make a dignified exit by walking up hay bales.

Firefighters from the Essec County Fire and Rescue were called to help the horse around 12.30pm on Saturday.

Crews used a light portable pump to extract the water from the pool. Straw bales were then placed in the pool to rescue the 17-year-old horse from its predicament.

A vet was called to help in the rescue, which was completed two hours after the callout.

Incident Commander Matt Hughes explains: "The 17 year old horse had escaped from its stable and had fallen into the swimming pool in the garden of the property.

"The crews worked really well by setting the scene awaiting the arrival of additional equipment and an equestrian vet.

"The horse was prescribed some medication and the crews utilised their skills in constructing a suitable stairway for the animal to escape safely.

"The fire crews knowledge of animal rescues proved invaluable at this incident and resulted in a safe rescue for everyone," he said.