Morris the pony gets the gift of sight

February 19, 2010

Morris is enjoying life with sight after two operations for cataracts.

Two years ago, the future could not have looked bleaker for Morris the pony. He was neglected and nearly blind, with cataracts in both eyes.

He had been abandoned by his owner at a livery yard.

Morris had some friends, however.

Noticing his stall was not being cleaned and Morris was never being turned out, the women at the Norwich livery yard began to care for him.

His stall was thick with droppings as they intervened and began to help the pony.

They even paid for his feed and feet trimming, as well as looking after and paying for their own horses.

Morris was then taken in by Britain's Horse Rescue Fund and rehomed to its centre in Beccles.

His sight could be restored, but money would be needed. A fundraising effort was launched, and £5000 raised.

In November 2008, eye specialists at the Animal Health Trust's operated on his left eye, removing the cataract and fitting Morris with a synthetic lens.

On December 15, Morris had his second surgery, in which the cataract in his right eye was removed. He has kept his original lens in that eye.

The surgeons reported that Morris he will have long distance vision in his right eye but it will not be so good close up.

A shortfall in the fund-raising was made up from the trust's deserving cases fund.

Morris, the charity reported, was much happier. "He is certainly very quick to come to the stable door when he is called and does seem to be a lot happier."

It thanked all those who had contributed to his operations.

"Without all of your donations we just would not have been able to help this poor pony. Hopefully now he will continue to improve and eventually be able to go out to a home as a companion."