Two more horses shot with arrows in US

January 15, 2010

Two more horses have been shot with arrows in the United States, one of whom has been euthanized.

The latest attack, on neighbouring properties in Texas, follows the shooting two weeks ago of an eight-year-old Georgia horse, Misty, who was seriously injured when struck with hunting arrows.

The first Texas attack, in Tom Green County, was discovered on Sunday morning. A five-year-old female quarter horse named Baby was shot in each shoulder and near the tail. She was put down.

A neighbour about 300 metres away discovered her horse had been shot through the chest, the arrow passing right through. It is receiving treatment.

The Go San Angelo Standard-Times reports that police are pursuing leads, with a suspicious youth questioned by one of the horse owners on the road. He fled.

Evidence has been handed to local police, including a camouflage glove and a black arrow strap.