Horse Sport Ireland welcomes delay to drugs policy

December 2, 2009

Horse Sport Ireland has welcomed the FEI's decision to delay introducing its progressive drugs list, calling it a sensible move.

Chairman Joe Walsh said: "This is a pragmatic and sensible move which provides for a 'cooling off period' and an opportunity to consult with national federations and other Stakeholders.

"However, it is clear that changes are needed in this list and that the issue will not go away," he said.

Walsh said that Horse Sport Ireland had convened a meeting of veterinary experts and those of its affiliate bodies on Monday in Horse Sport Ireland's offices in Naas to consider the new FEI banned substances list.

The meeting was chaired by John Malone, chairman of Horse Sport Ireland's sport sub-board.

The unanimous view of the veterinarians present was that the new list was a retrograde step for the sport, he said. They felt that the matter needed far more consideration.

"The meeting was very constructive and everyone recognises that this a complex area," Walsh said.

"However it is clear that there is substantial veterinary opinion from all around the world opposed to this list and that the matter needs to be revisited."