Second arrest over Miami horse butchery

September 23, 2009

Santiago Cabrera

Detectives have made their second arrest for horse butchery in the Miami-Dade area, as inquiries into the slaughter of at least 18 horses continue.

Officers with the agriculture patrol unit of the Miami-Dade Police Department announced the arrest of Santiago Cabrera, 19, of Hialeah.

Police documents describe Cabrera as a co-defendant in related cases of the man first arrested, 18-year-old Luis Miguel Cordero.

Investigators said they learned "through investigative leads" that Cabrera was involved in the slaughtering of horses at two separate locations.

"Cabrera admitted that he and the other subjects entered the ranch located at 12130 NW 157 St. and lured the horse out of his stall," the department said.

"The subject then held the horse while another subject slaughtered the animal with the intent to sell the meat.

"During the interview process, Cabrera also admitted to a second incident reported in the city of Miami Gardens.

"Cabrera stated that he and Luis Cordero, along with two unknown subjects, entered the ranch located at 5400 NW 159 St, where a horse was also slaughtered with the intent to sell the meat. Cabrera was subsequently charged with slaughtering of animals at both locations.

"At this point there is no information on the two other subjects and the investigation is still on-going."

Cabrera faces charges of armed burglary, animal cruelty, killing a registered breed horse and damaging a fence.

Police got a breakthrough in the investigation when a tip-off led them to believe Cordero was about to slaughter a horse.

They undertook a sting operation and arrested him that night near a property where he was allegedly going to target a horse.