South Florida mayor has plan to protect horses

August 25, 2009

A South Florida town is circling the wagon train in a bid to protect its horses from a butcher operating in the area.

Nineteen horses have been butchered since January in South Florida for their meat, centring on Miami-Dade County. Authorities suspect the meat is being sold on the black market.

The major of Davie, Judy Paul, has proposed the formation of a "Community Barn Watch" group, comprising residents determined to stay on the lookout for suspicious activity.

She intends to unveil "Barn Watch" signs at a Wednesday night meeting. The signs will go up at strategic locations to remind the would-be offender that people are watching.

The 6pm town-hall meeting will also centre around a discussion of ways to protect local horses, and several agencies are expected to attend.

The reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible now stands at $US8000, with $US5000 coming from the Humane Society of the United States, $US3000 from Miami Crime Stoppers and $US1000 from Broward Crime Stoppers.


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