HOSS strides on to scene to help Queensland horse owners

May 19, 2009

Hoss is the mascot for Queensland's Horse Owners Signal System.

The Queensland Horse Council has put an equine face to its emergency Horse Owners Signal System (HOSS).

The council has unveiled its mascot, named HOSS, who will be helping to promote the system it has put in place so all horse owners and carers in Queensland can be immediately notified of any emergency situation which may affect horses in their care.

The council describes Hoss as its star recruit.

Council president Debbie Dekker said since the equine flu outbreak in 2007, the council has been working hard with industry and government to develop robust systems and plans to ensure the industry is as prepared as possible for future emergencies.

"Signing up to HOSS is free and open to anybody who owns a horse, donkey or mule," she says.

"EI was a hard lesson learnt, but it has given us the power to understand how to better deal with these situations in the future.

"Our HOSS database has been designed to work in conjunction with our recently released Emergency Response Plan, both of which are located on our new web portal.

"Our extremely handsome mascot is helping us in many ways. He dons biosecurity suits, directs traffic and is slightly suspicious of his annual injections.

"Despite the humour, HOSS and the Emergency Response Plan play vital roles for all Queensland horse owners, riders and carers," Dekker says.