India continues to battle equine flu

April 28, 2009

India is continuing its battle to contain a long-running outbreak of equine influenza, with its latest official report citing fresh cases as recently as March 31.

The outbreak began in June last year.

In its latest report to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), India reported a recent outbreak in the state of Gujarat, affecting the Ahmedabad Shahibag Police Horse Camp.

That outbreak, which began on March 30, resulted in 41 cases and five deaths.

India also provided details of earlier outbreaks in Himachal Pradesh, where infections across nine villages resulted in 18 cases.

The country says it has improved movement controls, screening, disinfection of affected premises and treatment of affected animals in a bid to contain the disease.

Vaccines have not been used.

The virus has been identified as A/equi-2, serotype H3N8.

Meanwhile, Mongolia has filed a report stating that an outbreak of equine flu which began in October 2007, which infected 9503 horses, has been resolved.

That outbreak resulted in nine deaths.