Polo team at a loss to explain cause of pony deaths

April 21, 2009

The polo team which lost 21 ponies in the space of hours says it knows of no possible explanation for the deaths.

The Venezuelan-based Lechuza Polo Team, in a statement released today, said it would continue to support and contribute to any official investigation led by the Veterinarian authorities in Florida and by the United States Polo Association.

"This is tragic news," the team said. "We are deeply concerned about the death of our ponies.

"For the last three decades, Lechuza Polo has participated in Polo Championships and tournaments all around the globe.

"In that time, we have never encountered such a dire situation like this as our horses receive the most professional and dedicated care possible.

"Currently, we don't know any possible cause of the tragic death of our ponies. We are awaiting the results of the necropsies currently being conducted by the authorities."

The team offered its thanks to those from the polo community who tried to save the ponies by lending their assistance.

"Although the ponies could not be saved, our gratitude to them cannot be overemphasised."

The team said that due to the circumstances, it had decided to withdraw from this year's United States Open Polo Championship.