Thousands view anti-horse slaughter video contest

April 17, 2009

Hundreds of comments have been made and thousands of pages viewed in the ABR YouTube contest about Horse Slaughter.

The contest, run by Alex Brown Racing, has received 27 entries and the winning video will have the highest total score based on the number of comments, multiplied by the overall rating of the video, and adding the number of pageviews.

Each video discusses specific aspects of the horse slaughter issue as noted in the essay >Deconstructing the Horse Slaughter Issue.

The winner will be announced on May 10. The prize is $1000, to be sent to the horse rescue organization of choice of the winning entry.

The leader so far is video number two, titled "Please Stop Horse Slaughter" by sandyelmore490. It has a current score of 3415.5.

The videos have collectively garnered more than 18,000 page views and 922 comments.