Slaughter issue becomes legislative merry-go-round

February 16, 2009

The horse slaughter issue in the United States is looking more like a legislative merry-go-round as several states consider various proposals.

Legislative moves have been made in several states as efforts continue among anti-slaughter advocates to get a federal ban on the slaughter of horses in the United States. It would also include a ban on their transport across borders into Mexico and Canada to meet a similar fate.

Wyoming and Utah have sponsored resolutions urging Congress to let states make their own decisions on the slaughter issue rather than impose a federal ban.

The two states have also been considering the merits of encouraging development of horse slaughter facilities, and the issue has been under debate at various levels in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Utah has also passed non-binding resolution to allow the transport of horses to Mexico or Canada, which its supporters have described as a message to federal lawmakers over state rights.