June 10, 2008

Ronnie Nyles and Deb Lopez

Two musicians in the US have released a song to help raise public awareness of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

In association with the welfare organisation Animal Fairy Charities, WAMI award winning vocalist Ronnie Nyles and WAMI Nominee songwriter/producer Debra Lopez have released "Racing For Time". It tells the sad story of a racehorse who loses his best friend to slaughter only because he couldn't run fast enough to win races. He quickly realized with fear that he also may be running for his life.

Each year hundreds of thousands of young, healthy American horses are slaughtered and their meat is sent overseas for human consumption when they are no longer considered useful.

Although the last three remaining horse slaughter facilities in the US have recently been shut down, American horses continue to be transported across the border to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act is designed to end the slaughter of horses for human consumption and the domestic and international transport of live horses or horseflesh for human consumption.

"Racing For Time" is available via download at www.racingfortime.org and www.animalfairycharities.org for .99c, with all proceeds being donated to the rescue and rehabilitation of thoroughbred horses.