April 26, 2008

New York's Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages is producing dog tags for supporters to wear which commemorate horses who have died in the carriage industry, and those who are still working as carriage horses.

"The idea is to wear them until the industry is banned and to publicize the issue. You may wear it around your neck or put it on a key chain," a coalition spokesman said.

For horses currently working in the industry, the dog tag lists the name and ID number of the horse; the description - New York City Carriage Horse and the coalition's website - www.banhdc.org.

"We are currently offering the names of three horses - Hercules, Prince and Finegan. We also have tags to commemorate the deaths of Spotty, Juliet and Smoothie - all have died highly publicized tragic deaths since January 2006. The tag has the date of their death and the words 'R.I.P; New York City Carriage Horse' and our website - www.banhdc.org."

The dog tags include a 21" chain; the text is embossed. The introductory price is $10 and includes shipping and sales tax. To order, go to the Donations page on the Coalition's website.