April 15, 2008

The FEI Bureau has unanimously approved the use of provisional suspensions when a horse tests positive to a prohibited doping substance.

Following the decision, made at the FEI meeting in Switzerland on Thursday, provisional suspensions from all FEI events will be systematically applied should an A sample analysis yield a positive result to a doping substance.

A rule change to permit provisional suspensions also in the case an A sample tests positive to medication was adopted. Provisional suspensions for medication positives will initially be enforced at major events, such as Olympic Games, FEI World Equestrian Games and Championships.

The Veterinary Committee also adopted a stance on Hyperflexion (Rollkür) saying that "There are no known clinical side effects specifically arising from the use of hyperflexion, however there are serious concerns for a horse's well-being if the technique is not practiced correctly. The FEI condemns hyperflexion in any equestrian sport as an example of mental abuse. The FEI states that it does not support the practice."

The Veterinary Committee said that research on fatigue and metabolic compromise in the sport of endurance should be continued when budgetary possible.