April 14, 2008

The New Zealand equine industry has been granted involvement in the Tertiary Education Commissions Modern Apprenticeship programme.

The NZ Equine Industry Training Organisation is to be the Modern Apprenticeship Coordinator servicing employers and apprentices aged between 16 and 21 years across sectors of the equine industry.

Industry organisations have conducted training programmes for many years and encouraged trainees to gain national qualifications. At times employers and trainees have not had the support and encouragement to see the training through to completion.

The Modern Apprenticeship programme provides increased resources to support employers and apprentices through the selected training programmes. Progress is monitored quarterly with regional training coordinators being responsible for the paper work and reporting progress.

As the industry competes for new entrants employers are realising that onjob training is something they can offer to attract and retain staff in the industry. The Modern Apprenticeship structure has proven both popular and effective in many other industries and NZEqITO is delighted to win this approval.

Modern Apprenticeships is the obvious training programme for students leaving school who have attained equine skills through Gateway training programmes.

The announcement is timely as the equine industry has reviewed its unit standards and will be reviewing its national qualifications this year.