April 14, 2008

A new study into the incidence of pulmonary hemorrhage in performance horses is to be undertaken in the US.

The United States Eventing Association has established a Veterinary Research Committee, which is the first step in the study, which will be chaired by A. Kent Allen, DVM. The committee also includes such notable members as Eleanor M. Green, DVM, Catherine Kohn, VMD, and Mark Revenaugh, DVM. Additional veterinary experts will be advising as necessary. Acting in an advisory capacity to the committee will be two highly respected human cardiologists, Mark V. Hart, MD, owner of international event horses, and Lynn J. Cronin, MD who is also a competitor and event horse owner.

The committee will establish the purpose and scope of the potential study to be undertaken and review previous work. The committee may prepare a proposal request and talk with USEA and other research funding organizations in order to determine best procedures and practices for commissioning the study. The committee will also work closely with the FEI and USEF Veterinary Committees as it is believed that the findings of the study will be beneficial for all horses. Once the initial groundwork is complete, the USEA will launch a fundraising campaign to support this important work.

Dr. Allen and Dr. Kohn will be well remembered for their extensive work on the USEA's Equine Physiology Studies in the early 1990s which did so much to ensure the safety and welfare of the horses competing at the Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996.