April 13, 2008

The American Paint Horse Association has signed a new five-year contract to hold its World Championships in the city of Fort Worth, cementing the 46-year-old breed organization's commitment to hosting world-class shows at premier venues. According to terms of the contract, APHA will host both the summer World Championship Paint Horse show, plus the new APHA Fall Championship Show in Fort Worth through 2012.

APHA President Carl Thurow and Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief ceremonially signed the agreement at the Will Rogers Memorial Center (WRMC) in Fort Worth, Texas, where the shows will be held. The inaugural APHA World Championship was held at WRMC in 1984 and has been held at the complex for 18 out of the last 20 years.

"The American Paint Horse Association started out in 1962," Thurow said, "with only a few dozen people and their treasured Paint Horses. Today, we've registered over 928,000 horses. In a few years our total will be 1 million Paints registered.

"For many years, the World Championship Paint Horse Show in Fort Worth has been the place where we've spotlighted the very best American Paint Horses," continued Thurow. "I think the relationship has been great for both Fort Worth and for the American Paint Horse Association. We're happy to continue our tradition of bringing the most talented and beautiful Paint Horses to Fort Worth, Texas, for our world-class Paint Horse shows. The city is a great host."

The two-week APHA World Championship Paint Horse Show's annual impact on Fort Worth's economy is approximately $13 million.

The World Championship Paint Horse Show and its predecessor, the National Championship Paint Horse Show, have showcased the talents of the colorful Fort Worth-based breed since 1963.

This year, World Championship Paint Horse Show exhibitors will compete for more than $400,000 in prize money, buckles, saddles, trailers, and other awards, along with coveted World Championship titles. It will be held at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth June 21–July 5.

Last year, APHA welcomed 1,671 Paint Horses owned by people from 47 US states, Canada, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany for its World Show.

In 2007, the show logged 4,219 entries - including 1,242 Youth, 1,362 Open, 1,390 Amateur and Novice Amateur, 207 Futurity and 18 specialty class entries.