April 11, 2008

A course to help investigators handle inquiries into equine abuse cases is to be run by the Kentucky Horse Council.

The two-day course is entitled "Equine Abuse Investigation: A Hands-On Seminar".

It is for animal control officers, sheriffs, and other local and state officials who could be involved in abuse cases in the state - particularly those who don't work regularly with horses.

It will cover information and training on procedures for handling alleged abuse or neglect, as well as horse handling and safety, hoof anatomy and problems, body condition scoring, floating tips, and examination for illness or injury.

It will also explore minimum horse care standards.

"Offering the equine abuse and investigation class is one of the many ways the Kentucky Horse Council remains committed to the health and welfare of the horse," says council president Madelyn Millard.

"Because we rely on the expertise and involvement of county officials when there is a horse in distress, we want to support those officials with resources and education."

The course, which costs $US50, will be run on May 22 and 23.