April 5, 2008

Equine Canada has announced the resignation of its Chief Executive Officer, Debbie Millar.

Equine Canada President Al Patterson will be acting CEO in the interim, with the assistance of Corlin Bordeaux. Equine Canada is currently seeking a new CEO, and applications close on April 19.

"We truly appreciate everything that Debbie has done for this organization," Patterson said. "Unfortunately, now we will have the task of replacing her."

Millar offered her personal thanks to the EC staff and to each and every volunteer for their hard work and dedication.

"I value the professional experience I have gained in my years at Equine Canada, but most of all I value the relationships I had the opportunity to develop with so many dedicated people in this organization and across the industry," Millar said.

"A sincere and personal thank everyone who helped me as I scrambled up a very steep learning curve to do this job, and to those who were always available to give input and support."