January 25, 2008

All Michigan horse owner Kristen DeGroat wanted to do was sell her registered three-year-old Pinto mare to a good home.

The whole exercise turned to custard when she discovered two local newspapers had mistakenly placed it in the "Good Things to Eat" section.

DeGroat got lots of calls, many from angry animal lovers.

The irony is that placement of the advertisement in just about any other section of the classifieds would have been seen as a mistake.

Its appearance in the "food" section simply highlighted the hot debate in the United States over the horse slaughter trade.

The error occurred in both newspapers because the The Saginaw News and The Bay City Times shared a classified advertising department.

Twenty of the 60 or so callers were interested in buying the horse for meat, she reported to local media.

As for Foxy, she's off to a nice home where some grandchildren will be treating her as a cherished pet - not dinner.